1. I choose to read this pledge every morning when I get up and every evening before I go to bed as I know that the principles in this pledge will become part of my being.

2. I choose to have a good day each and every day that I exist on this planet.

3. I choose to believe in myself and my capability to do the best I can in anything I undertake. I will always have confidence in my ability.

4. I choose to treat my parents, my family, my teacher and my friends with the same respect and courtesy I would like to be treated with.

5. I believe in God and spiritual growth. For this reason, I will work everyday to:

A. Be courteous and kind to everyone I meet or interact with. I understand that an enthusiastic attitude is the key to life and that when my attitude is right my abilities reach a maximum of effectiveness and good results always follow.

B. I listen to and respect the individuals I interact with.

C. I do not criticize others; gossip about others or complain about others.

D. I enjoy sports and utilize good sportsmanship in all athletic activities. I will always try my best in practice and in games. I do not dwell on mistakes, but simply learn from them and move on immediately. I know that research has shown that the best athletes in the world always think positive and after making a mistake forget it immediately and move instantly on to the next play.

E. I continually visualize perfect performance in every sport and hold my head up high at all times during the game no matter how any game goes. I know that in team sports the very best players in the world are team players and that they share and encourage their team mates and do not criticize them.

F. I take complete responsibility for my own happiness at all times. I spread enthusiasm for the joy of life and friendship.

G. I take complete responsibility for my mistakes and I immediately learn from them.

H. I strive to help those less fortunate. I am aware that the world consists of many different cultures and that in all countries, including my own, there are poor, sick and people in armed conflict with each other. By working together it is my belief that all persons can be helped and armed conflict can eventually be eliminated.

I. I strive for daily discipline in exercise and my nutritional needs for my body.

J. I will finish all jobs I start without hesitation and without procrastination.

K. I will strive for excellent performance in my studies and in any work activity I engage in.

L. I will maintain discipline with my own economic situation and be in control of it at all times.

M. I will live in harmony with nature and respect the environment of the world.

N. I will live in harmony with my own spirituality and use patience, love and understanding as my daily goal. I will continually ask myself how I can do things better so taht my mind will always be working on this. I will compliment others as often as I can. I will use positive vocabulary to interact with others. I will smile often. I will always display confidence. I will ask others about themselves and their ideas and will listen courteously to learn all I can.

O. You are what you think you are. I do have what it takes to achieve great things. I am a first class performer. My work is important. I will always view tasks as an opportunity and a challenge to be overcome with persistence. My mind will create a way if I believe and let it. A big thinker always visualizes what c an be done in the future. See what can be, not just what is.

P. I will strive to perfect my confidence. I will look important as it helps me think important. My appearance will be neat and orderly. I will always look at people with confidence in the eye, speak clearly and with emphasis on what I believe. I will stand, walk and sit with good posture. Fear can always be cured with confidence. Always immediately isolate fear, pin it down, determine exactly what you are afraid of and then take immediate action. There is always some kind of action to defeat any kind of fear.

Q. My memory bank will always deposit only positive thoughts. I will go to bed each night with positive thoughts and a thankful prayer.

(Pledge written by W.G. Russell, 2008)

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