Believe Basketball is a select team organization,and constantly strives for success through tournament and league play at the elite level. Therefore, playing time or roster spots are not guaranteed, nor is it "Pay to Play.". The organization is committed to developing each and every player,. However, games and tournaments are focused on winning as a team. Hence, the most productive players will recieve the most playing time. This is consistent with most select level sports organizations. The tournaments we enter are designed for elite level play and competition and are not recreational. In fairness to all players / team, the coaches reserve the right to determine the lineups and playing time.

The organization has developed a policy to allow as much playing time as possible for tournament play when there are enough players in a particular grade division. The coaches at their discretion will assign players to a designated roster and will notify them accordingly. The goal is for select players to participate in one tournament per month. Each month's tournament teams play typically on different weekends. This will afford players the opportunity to cross over to different Believe teams. If a player is chosen to cross over and he chooses to participate, he will be responsible for the additional tournament fee.

Tryouts are conducted periodically throughout the year as determined by the coaches when the need arises, a new season starts, or slots on teams need to be filled. Tryouts are designed to be unbiased, objective and fair to ALL players. Players not selected are highly encouraged to continue with the Believe Program. In addition, they will be provided with an assessment of skills development needs. 

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